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Emotion Mood Sensing Jewelry

Emotion Mood Sensing Jewelry is a featured 2-Dooz incubation project, which is sponsored by Tony Clark--founder & CEO of 2-Dooz and Chairman of the 2-Dooz Advisory Board.  Inspired by our vision of the Emotive Internet, wherein biosensors and software algorithms combine to enable the real-time detection, recognition and sharing of human emotion, Emotion Mood Sensing Jewelry designs, develops, brands and sells high-end and ultra modern jewelry which is powered by Mood Sensing Sharing Device (MSSD) technology, as defined in US Patent No.9,064,390.  

Emotion Mood Sensing Jewelry™ starts with something old and adds a large dose of today’s technology to make something that is altogether new.  Emotion Mood Sensing Jewelry combines the circa 1970 mood stone with today's wireless, sensor and mobile apps technologies to define an entirely new wearable market segment. 

Our Mood Sensing Smart Rings connect to phones, tablets and other similar devices to power an emerging category of software called emotive apps.  Emotive apps better understand our needs and by doing so make our smart devices exponentially more useful.  Example emotive apps include video games, which adjust in difficulty based on the emotional state of a player, and music players that dynamically change the playlist order based on mood.  Regarding the latter, when the mood sharing ring signals that the wearer's mood has dipped, more upbeat, energetic music is played.

Each mood sensing jewelry design contains an MSSD, comprising a mood stone and an electronics subsystem (ES)—consisting of one or more biosensors, a microprocessor, memory and wireless connectivity.  The MSSD provides Bluetooth® communication with paired mobile devices running emotive apps; and onboard sensors which allow the MSSD to sense an accompanying mood stone’s color / emotion state.  Smaller than a quarter, our latest ES, version 2.x, is the brain that powers each of our mood sensing jewelry lines, including our newest J2 Mood Sensing Ring, which is targeted to makers and tech influencers. The ESv2.x was preceded by the ESv1, which was the first to power our proof-of-concept Mood Sensing Bracelets in 2015. 

Our latest creation, the J2 Smart Ring, optionally pairs to our J2StressMonitor App, to track and alert a wearer of their current stress level.  When in the foreground, the J2StressMonitor App echos the J2 Smart Ring's mood stone color and presents a message that is indicative of the wearer's stress.  And, when the J2StressMonitor App is in the background, system notifications alert the user to the occurrence of "High" levels of stress.  This enables the earlier detection, quicker mitigation and faster resolution of stress.


J2 Smart Ring and J2StressMonitor App Demo



Asteame Nipple Guard

Exclusively sold on Amazon, the Asteame Nipple Guard is a reinforced bandage which is used postoperatively for nipple reconstruction and inverted nipple surgery.  Based on definitive clinical testing, performed at Stanford University, the Nipple Guard is the standard of care for postoperative nipple surgery use.

  • Soft, comfortable postoperative nipple protection
  • For use after nipple reconstruction and inverted nipple repair
  • Clinically tested



Self Asteame Video Magazine discusses Stanford University's clinical trial of the Nipple Guard -- defining the device as the postoperative standard of care for nipple reconstruction.


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